Wednesday, May 30, 2012


FACS Labs Plan
There are 4 rooms that comprise the FACs department that will be located on the 2nd floor of the Academic wing adjacent to the Project Lead the Way Rooms and near the 2-D Art Classrooms. These Rooms consist of the following:

  • (2) General classrooms
  • (2) FACS Labs

FACS General classrooms notes:

  • Teachers will have the flexibility to locate their desk in the front or back of the room (data and power will be provided in both locations)
  • Desk configuration is shown for reference purposes only. Desks are loose furnishings and not part of the construction project (they may end up different than shown)
  • Shelving along interior wall is adjustable. It will be up  to teachers whether they wish to utilize the wall for shelving display or tackable display.
  • Window (where applicable) into the classroom will be located opposite the door to the classroom to allow daylight and exterior views into the corridor. 
  • The teaching wall of the classroom will be located on the opposite wall of the window and door.
  • The front wall will utilize markerboards.  A tackstrip will be provided at the top of the markerboard.
  • The side wall, adjacent to the window will be covered with tackable wall panels and shelving standards to allow it to also be used shelving display if desired.
  • A short-throw projector will be used on the teaching wall.
  • Cabinets on interior sidewall will include; a teacher's wardrobe unit adjacent to the door to the classroom,  2 under counter base cabinets, a counter top with potential seating capabilities (data and power will be provided for this to be used as a computer area if wanted), and a tall media/general storage cabinet at the front end of the classroom.
FACS Labs Isometric view

  • The FACS Labs will be large enough for class instruction as well as hands-on cooking.
  • Each lab will have 6 full shaped L-shaped kitchens.
  • Each Kitchen is designed to support the following:
    • A double bowl sink
    • Dishwasher
    • Range
    • Microwave with recirculating fan
    • Storage
  • Space for 2 refrigerators is provided to be shared by all six of the kitchen stations.
  • Each lab has one large window to allow natural light
  • The flooring in the labs and classrooms will be VCT, the cabinetry will be plastic laminate with plastic laminate countertops.
  • Each lab will have a teaching wall with a markerboard and tackspace, as well as a teacher's wardrobe cabinet.